Rohit Sharma 10 Sixes & 12 Fours Highlights vs Sri Lanka 2nd T20 Highlights Report – Dec 22, 2017

Rohit Sharma played the rocking innings of 118 runs for the team with the massive run rate. It was the cool batting from the Indian top order batsmen, where they lose the toss and chose to bat. Rohit and Rahul played the rocking innings and contributes 165 runs together.

Rohit Hits the 10 big sixes and breaks another record in the Cricket format. After the stunning performance from the Sharma in the ODI, now he breaks the fastest T20 hundred record.

KL Rahul 89 Runs of 49 Batting Report

Rahul also played the rocking innings for the team and smashed 8 big sixes against the Sri Lanakn team and sets the big total at the end of the match.

Rohit Sharma Boundaries Highlights vs Sri Lanka 2nd T20 Match


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Chameera to Rohit, out Caught by Dananjaya!! The carnage comes to an end. Rohit walks off to a standing ovation from a packed Indore crowd. The slower ball did him there. It was a shortish ball at 115kph outside off, Rohit picked the length and wanted to ramp it over short third man. He was a bit too early into the shot and ended up spooning to Dananjaya at short third man. Oh, my! Sri Lanka needed that. Didn’t they? The 165-run stand has been broken. Rohit c Dananjaya b Chameera 118(43) [4s-12 6s-10]


Chameera to Rohit, SIXsix #10 for Rohit! A gift from the bowler and Rohit doesn’t need second invitation. Full toss on the pads and Rohit, with a small back-lift, smites it over mid-wicket


Chameera to Rohit, FOUR, that went like a bullet! Fullish and outside off, Rohit flashes his bat at it and does hard. Races away through point


Chameera to Rohit, SIX, 150 up for India! This is becoming a bit boring. Too many sixes. Short of a length ball without any venom, Rohit won’t leave you. Pulls it off the front foot and sends it deep into the deep mid-wicket fence


Dananjaya to Rohit, 1 run, fetches this leg-break from well outside off and pulls it through mid-wicket.


Dananjaya to Rohit, no run, backs away does Rohit and he can’t get hold of this ball on the stumps. Chopped back to Dananjaya


Dananjaya to Rohit, no run, Rohit steps out of his crease and plays it back at the bowler. He didn’t pick the pace of the ball


Dananjaya to Rohit, no run, a rare dot ball! Turning away wide of off, chopped to backward point


Mathews to Rohit, FOUR, take a bow Rohit Sharma! He equals the fastest T20I century with David Miller. The crowd go up in unsion to applaud this wonderful knock from the skipper. Length ball outside off, Rohit laces it through the cover region. In the gap and the quick outfield does the rest. Second hundred in T20Is for Rohit


Perera to Rohit, SIX26 off the over! Rohit is in the mood here at Indore. Thisara Perera bowls another wide ball outside off and that’s been deposited into the cover fence. Stays in his crease does Rohit and allows his arms to do the rest. Got underneath it and walloped it all the way. Moves to 97!


Perera to Rohit, SIX, and another one! Moves to 91. This time over the off-side. Full and wide outside off allowing Rohit to free his arms. Lofts the slice and sends it into the point fence


Perera to Rohit, SIX, another massive hit! Fullish ball that ends up right in Rohit’s slot. HITMAN gets underneath it and thumps it over long-on


Perera to Rohit, wide, pressure! Sprays one wide outside off



Perera to Rohit, SIX, a mistimed shot for six! Back of the hand slower delivery, Rohit walks down the track and is ealry into his pull shot. Hits high on the bat and just manages to go past the fielder. The long-on fielder should have been near the rope. Sameera, the fielder, got a hand on it, but all he could do was parry it over the boundary rope


Perera to Rohit, no run, good ball! Perera sees the ball come down the track and hurls it full and outside off. Rohit can’t reach out for it. Just inside the tramline


Pradeep to Rohit, FOUR, spoils all the good work done in the first five balls with a poor ball. Sprays on the pads and it’s easy for Rohit with fine leg in the ring. Helps it on its way wide of that fielder there


Pradeep to Rohit, 1 run, wanted to send this out of Indore but couldn’t get under it well enough. The low full toss and Rohit shuffled across the sticks for the wild slog. Mistimed to deep mid-wicket


Pradeep to Rohit, 1 run, back of a length and closer to off stump, Rohit arches back a touch to steer it down to third man


Gunaratne to Rohit, FOURfinds the gap once more! Look at the timing on this one. Fuller and outside off, Rohit reaches out to the pitch of it and drills the drive. Splits deep extra cover and long-off with such precision. He is on the rampage here, is Rohit Sharma


Gunaratne to Rohit, FOUR, runs continue to bleed. Idea was right from Gunaratne, tries the wide yorker but Rohit is in such good touch that reaches it. Steers with an open bat face to beat short third man comfortably. This is getting way too easy


Gunaratne to Rohit, SIXohhh, boyy! That’s hugeeeeeee! Into the third tier at deep mid-wicket. Another slower ball and Rohit knows what’s coming. Gets down on one knee and slog sweeps this into orbit. No mercy at all


Gunaratne to Rohit, SIX, they are competing on who’s going to hit the bigger sixes. Rohit this time as he lays into this slower ball that he picked up early. Slog sweeps it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. Brings up his fifty!


de Silva to Rohit, 1 run, fired in around middle and leg, stays back and powers it to long-on


de Silva to Rohit, FOURsloppy at backward point! When it’s not going your way, things go haywire. Flatter and outside off, Rohit forced the cut towards backward point and this should have been stopped. However, the fielder is late to slide and lets it through. Chaturanga won’t be happy at all


de Silva to Rohit, FOUR, doesn’t matter who is coming onto bowl. These two are just caning them. Floated up around middle and off, Rohit makes room and lofts it inside out over extra cover. Excellent batting!


Perera to Rohit, 1 run, pitched up around middle and off, gets across and whips it down to long-on


Perera to Rohit, FOUR, super shot! Full and wide outside off, Rohit places the drive square through the off-side. The man in the deep is well in front of square and once he beat the infield, it was always a boundary


Perera to Rohit, 1 run, quite full and wide outside off, Rohit creams the drive through extra cover. A bit of work for sweeper cover but he gets around in a flash


Dananjaya to Rohit, 1 run, flighted up around middle, Rohit wrists it away down to long-on to rotate strike


Dananjaya to Rohit, SIXdidn’t seem like he middled it but who cares, it’s a biggie! Floated up around off, Rohit probably wanted to go over mid-on and didn’t connect as well as he would have liked. Still manages to clear long-off. The Indians are off to a flier here


Dananjaya to Rohit, FOUR, rubbish stuff! They are just not bowling to their fields. Fine leg is up and what does Dananjaya do? Float one up fuller outside leg, Rohit obliges with a sweep that beats the man at short fine leg


Dananjaya to Rohit, no run, very full and outside off, reaches out and drives it towards cover


Dananjaya to Rohit, FOUR, excellent batting! Rohit decides to take on Dananjaya straightaway. Uses his feet to take this on the full and although the line wasn’t too straight, he managed to whip it away with ease. Through mid-wicket


Pradeep to Rohit, 1 run, good change up from Pradeep, the slower ball and Rohit wanted to play the sweep. Skies it high towards third man but it was always going to land safe


Pradeep to Rohit, no run, the bottom hand goes off the blade as Rohit checks his drive, towards cover


Pradeep to Rohit, SIXRohit joins in the fun! Fractionally short from Pradeep and Rohit is on the front foot as he nonchalantly pulls this over mid-wicket. Clean connection and it clears the ropes with ease. Already, signs of a belter of a pitch


Mathews to Rohit, 1 run, shorter length and around off, Rohit stands tall and punches it to sweeper cover


Chameera to Rohit, 1 run, fractionally wide outside off on a good length, Rohit delays the cut to beat backward point. Third man comes across quickly to prevent the second run


Mathews to Rohit, no run, closer to the off stump on a good length, Rohit is cramped for room as he glides this to short third man


Mathews to Rohit, FOUR, this is very poor from Mathews! A half-tracker and at his leisurely pace, it’s going to disappear every single time. Rohit is on the front foot as he hammers this pull stroke over wide mid-on. Goes to the fence on a few bounces


Mathews to Rohit, no run, slight hesitation but no harm done eventually for India. Rohit dabs this gently towards short third man and set off, never a run there and is rightfully sent back by Rahul


Mathews to Rohit, FOURaerial but it’s flown away! Too short and plenty of width, Rohit doesn’t bother to keep the cut down and the slice flies over backward point. Easy pickings!


Mathews to Rohit, no run, pitched up outside off, leans forward and dabs it towards the right of point. Rahul wanted the run but Rohit denies, good call!


Mathews to Rohit, no run, stump-to-stump line on a good length, Rohit taps it gently back towards Mathews

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