Rohit Sharma 118 Runs of 43 Batting Highlights – Record

Watch Rohit Sharma 118 Runs of 43 Batting Highlights – Record played on Dec 22, 2017. He hits the 12 fours and 10 sixes against the Sri Lankan team. It was the rocking batting from the Rohit Sharma and breaks the fastest hundred record in T20 format.

Mathews to Sharma, FOURthe joint-fastest T20 hundred in international cricket. Fastest by an Indian. It’s full and wide and Rohit whacks it over cover. Off comes the helmet. Wow, is this innings just getting started?
NLTC Perera to Sharma, SIX, best of the lot. That’s so hard. Full delivery outside off, Rohit gets underneath the length and just lofts it, cleanly, waaay over cover. 97 off 34 now!
NLTC Perera to Sharma, SIX, that’s just awesome batting. Rohit is on 91! Full outside off, close to the wide yorker but like he did in Mohali, he intentional opens the bat face and slices a six over point
NLTC Perera to Sharma, SIX, that’s why the wide yorker isn’t a bad option. Full delivery around off, in the slot and launched over long-on. Sensational timing again
NLTC Perera to Sharma, SIX, it’s mistimed for six. That will go down as a dropped chance, but those are never easy. A legcutter around off, Rohit swats the ball over long-on. The fielder gets under the catch, but the ball pops out and over the boundary
Pradeep to Sharma, FOUR, a low full toss down leg, 139 kph, was looking for the yorker but you can’t miss your margins, because you’re going for runs even when you get it right. Whipped through backward square leg
Gunaratne to Sharma, FOUR, 116 kph, and then the finesse and timing of Rohit. Full again outside off, Rohit just leans on his drive and caresses the ball through the gap at cover. Looked like one, then two, then it hit the boundary rope.
Gunaratne to Sharma, FOUR, four more. 104 for 0 in the ninth over. Full and wide outside off, Rohit places the dab through backward point. No catching that. Let me bat too! It’s all fun for Rohit and KL
Gunaratne to Sharma, SIX, woooooow! Wheeeeee goes the ball. An offcutter on off, full from Gunaratne from around the wicket. What do you expect mate? Rohit slog-sweeps it 104 metres over midwicket. I want to bat here.
Gunaratne to Sharma, SIX, fifty for Rohit. A slower delivery outside off, Rohit stays low, stays in his crease and thwacks a slap over midwicket for another six.
de Silva to Rahul, SIX, and then hits the six next ball. Comes down, meets the ball just as it pitches and whispers death to the ball, smashed, whacked, right over the bowler’s head. Six. Leather-tearer
de Silva to Sharma, FOUR, four more. Shortish outside off, Rohit cuts this time, straight to backward point who can’t tackle the spin, the ball bounces off his body and ricochets away past third man for four.
de Silva to Sharma, FOUR, flight outside off, 91 kph, Rohit powers a drive, plenty of power and over cover for another boundary, too easy

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