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Royal Rumble 2017 Match Predictions, Rumors & Spoilers

Royal Rumble 2017 Match Predictions, Rumors & Spoilers

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See Royal Rumble 2017 Match Predictions, Rumors & Spoilers here. Who Will Win Royal Rumble Match? Will Cena take down AJ Style or Will Roman Reigns conquer Kevin Owens? Well, here we have the Royal Rumble 2017 Match Predictions, Rumors & Spoilers for you and which will give you insights of all the matches that will take place.

This is going to be the 30th edition of Royal Rumble and the first ever Royal Rumble event happened in 1988.  A 30-man match will give you a thrill and excitement as always and you cannot afford to miss the Royal Rumble 2017. 30 – Man Elimination Match winner might be a surprise for the fans and you never know what will happen.

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Royal Rumble 2017 PPV Match Predictions, Expectations & Spoilers of Results

Well, the last two years of Royal Rumble were not that great as WWE has seen a dip in the interest of fans and now this time they want to make it big. The hype is getting higher and higher and the question in everyone’s mind is who will win Royal Rumble Match? Well, there are certain names going under consideration who can win the Royal Rumble 2017. The likes of Brock Lesnar, Bill Goldberg, Chris Jericho and Braun Strowman are the strongest contenders to win the match. Well, Royal Rumble 2017 Match Predictions, Rumors & Spoilers will give you the best information on the match, so keep reading it.

Who Will Win Royal Rumble Match 2017?

Out of the 30 men who will compete in the elimination match, only one will stand tall and will be the champion. So, who will be the last man standing? Bill Goldberg will be the number one entry to the Royal Rumble match and he is the strongest contender to win the match. The name everyone is chanting at this time is Bill Goldberg and if you keep in mind the Survivor Series match result and Wrestlemania in mind than Goldberg will win the Royal Rumble Match for sure.

Goldberg has turned 50 now and he is looking a bit leaner now as well. He is working hard and his body is in a good shape now and he will make his opponents pay in his next match. If he goes on to fight at a Wrestlemania main event then it will be epic and fans will love it for sure. Maybe that is the reason that his match against Brock Lesnar was a success for him. So, Goldberg is likely to win Royal Rumble Match 2017.

Also, the likes of Brock Lesnar, Strowman, The New Day and Kofi Kingston are among the top contenders to win the WWE Royal Rumble Elimination match. According to Paul Heyman, this time around their goal is “Eat, Sleep, Elimination Repeat”. Things are looking really interesting for the fans and dangerous for all the other participants as Brock will welcome everyone to the Suplex City.

It seems that Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho and Bill Goldberg will remain in the ring and will go head to head in order to win the match. But, as Bill Goldberg said after winning his match against Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series that he still has a one title run left in him. So, Goldberg will win the Royal Rumble 30 – Man Elimination Match because there Everyone Will Be Next.

Will Chris Jericho Win Royal Rumble Match 2017?

Well, if Chris Jericho wins the Royal Rumble 2017 Match then it will be the first time in his career as he has never won a Royal Rumble match in his career. So, fans of Chris Jericho will be hoping that Jericho wins the match, but things are not going in his favor at all. The chances are Chris Jericho will lose again and he might go head to head with his friend Kevin Owens at the Wrestlemania. Yes, Kevin Owens will lose to Roman Reigns and there is a huge possibility that Chris Jericho will fight his BFF Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania. So, what do yout think of the Royal Rumble 2017 Match Predictions, Rumors & Spoilers?

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